Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am slowly feeling more comfortable in this city. I have stopped observing with fear, and that excessive respect I had towards it the first days. I’m assimilating the reasons for which I am here: to learn from experience by growing transversally, getting in touch with a new reality and new forms of art management, and life; to live a creative and methodic process through writing, accompanied by endless sensations given on a daily basis, by being alone in this universe so different from mine. I believe there is a sane adapting period, where one is not only shocked with the impressive architecture and the New Yorkers way of life, the subway and our first difficult encounters. I feel that everything has been going on so fast that my behavior and southern vision are quickly staying behind, and that I’m beginning to let go, little by little, and to live the Apexart experience.

I had a delicious lunch with the Apexart people today: Steven, Cybele and Julia. I felt them very close to me, and very concerned with my needs, with me living every day towards my personal growth and professional development: to find new motors that inspire me on the next part of my projects in Chile. New networks, ideas and forms of connecting, which for us is very difficult: the growth and the strengthening of art and artists, of each and every piece of artwork that manage to mobilize our local culture.

This residence is just beginning and I’m quickly living new adventures, new lessons, feeling that my “autism” is living its final days.

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