Wednesday, April 13, 2011

... So NY

Something that has come to my attention by being in NY is that this city blooms culture from every one of its pores, in every corner and in every situation that you get into, and the best of all is that there’s not only one way to live and to experiment art: there are as many ways as people and personalities to focus and live it in their own way.

As the cold, fast wind blew outside, in the NYFA Gallery a group of women organized a tea party in the purest 50’s manner, “A Feminist Tea Party” to talk about feminism related to diverse subjects. Young artists have organized these experiences for years, remembering the old fashioned tea parties, to talk about current issues, dressed in period costumes and in a stage worthy of their clothing, openly calling out to participate of comfortable gatherings, enjoying delicious teas and different sweet pastries that remember, from a contemporary place, what one was a scene where only was talked of husbands, sons and families; now situating women where they belong, with opinions, ideas, ideologies, and autonomous thought.

Somewhere else in the night, a group of Literature lovers conducted a Poetry Slam in the interior of the Bowery Poetry Club, where, as in every competition, the best one. Stage, microphone, lights, incidental music, a host, a respectable audience that takes the place of a jury, and a group of literary creators that confront themselves in a hallucinatory slam. Only words count, the stories and what each one has to say, in the way they have of saying it. After a previous introduction by the host, the poets, one by one, get on stage, and an audience that is practically on fire participates in each of the presentations generating dialogue, empathy, and in my personal case, admiration for each of the brave artist and for the experience that they repeat week to week, keeping their world individual and collective world active.

Both “performatic” experiences represent for me, up to today, what NY is: culture and inclusion.

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