Friday, April 29, 2011

It's alright

A month ago I was in Chile, anxious because finally, after a long time waiting, the Apexart secret and the enigma New York represented would unveil, questions that had me dreaming for months, living with the city and the residence through the distance the computer screen creates. Even though movies show us a universal city, part of the imagination of every world citizen, and showcases the reality of a wonderful project and the vision of each of its residents through their blog, it’s very different to live it oneself, with one’s own sensibility, own vision, from a unique cultural parallel: where one cannot do anything but smell, listen or feel every step taken in the city that completely surrounds you.

Today, with only a bit left before departing to Santiago, with the revealed mysteries and with more questions and appetite than ever, I feel an enormous satisfactions for the time I’ve lived here, for having known from such a close place and being witness to a reality so different to the one lived by all of us who work in Art and Culture in Chile. I realize that every question I have will be answered in time, and surely not in a direct way, without knowing if I have to find the answers, search for them or when new ones will appear from this process. I feel that after this experience a new stage begins for me, where the way of seeing the world, my work, our local artistic scene, opens a new form of hard work, where the only possible formula is to go ahead and not stopping, never giving up, even if all says to do so. A new appetite to experiment this kind of situation has arisen, to learn from other realities and models, opening my eyes to the world, for we are all in it and we can only live in it today, without fear but with courage.

Every step I took in this city, every person I met, every morning I woke up anxious to go out and very entry I wrote are part of a fast adaptation process, of knowing and assimilating that I enjoyed the most I could, filling me with renewable energy every day: and I cannot do more but thank this crazy human group of people that work in this strange and generous project.

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